Start Your Path to Better Hearing

Our Hearing Services

Once you have been fitted with the instrument of your choice you will receive unlimited counseling and adjustments until you are fully satisfied with your improved hearing. No other hearing service offers such a comprehensive auditory counseling program with no additional charge beyond the cost of the initial fitting. In fact, we will see you at least every six months for follow up cleaning and check of your hearing instruments including a retest of your hearing, at least once a year after your fitting is complete. All of this is included in our exclusive “Lifetime of Instrument in Office Service” agreement.

Most hearing services ask you to return only if you think you need to. This is not in the best interest of you or your instruments.

We maintain a loaner hearing instrument inventory for our clients’ use should their aid be out of service for more than one day.

Exclusive Lifetime of Instrument in Office Service Agreement:

  • Auditory Counseling
  • Instrument Cleaning
  • Retest of Hearing
  • Loaner Instruments
  • Digital Adjustments of Devices

Hearing Tests

Even though you may have had good hearing most of your life a hearing loss can gradually develop with no warning at all. Using a precision clinical audiometer we test and evaluate your hearing. From this professional hearing check up we can help you discover any problems early on and recommend the appropriate measures for conservation and/or correction. Left unchecked, our library of word understanding and sound awareness will generally deteriorate with minimum awareness on our part. In fact, loved ones and friends are often aware of our hearing difficulties long before we are.

Our Corporate Hearing Services

We provide Industrial Hearing tests and evaluations as as required by OSHA. Custom fitted earplugs for protection from noise, are available. Please call for more details.