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Open Sound Experiences

Oticon OPN provides the “Open Sound Experience” which adjusts and balances all the sounds around you, separates speech from background noise even in complex listening environments while providing better speech understanding reducing your listening effort.

This is what our clients say about their new Oticon OPN hearing aids.

“I love my new OPN hearing aids. Now I can understand what people are saying in a crowded room. I highly recommend them.”    Lorreta

“In the beginning, I was not at all enthused about starting to wear hearing aids. Meeting Travis and the other staff members during my first visit at Hearing Aid Services turned my attitude entirely around. They are highly professional and also very kind. My OPN hearing aids are top quality and so comfortable that I can easily forget that I’m wearing them. I am also comforted knowing that Travis is readily available should any problem arise.”   Paul

  • Hearing Aid Services will fit you for a free 30 trial on the new Oticon OPN, behind the ear hearing aids on your first visit.
  • You’ll get the best prices possible without any special coupons or sales gimmicks.
  • Just call us and let us know that you’re ready to give Oticon OPN a try.

We’ll have them ready for you to wear home the same day!