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Online Hearing Aid Purchases

Online Hearing Aid Purchases - Unexpected Costs


Buying from a Hearing Care Professional

Online hearing aid brokers are solely interested in selling you a hearing aid. They will never service or care for you after you buy from them.

Patients who purchase online aids find that they don’t fit or provide the correct personalized amplifications they need. Consequently, they need to find and pay for a local hearing aid service center to make all the adjustments, repairs and replace parts. These services can equal hundreds of dollars and over the life of the hearing aid, can exceed the cost savings from the initial online purchase.

Hearing Care Professionals fit you with custom hearing aids that are set precisely to your amplification needs. Included with the purchase of your custom aid is unlimited adjustments, warranties, repairs and cleanings at no additional cost.

Statistics show that 95% of people who purchased hearing aids online, purchase their next set from a hearing care professional.