Start Your Path to Better Hearing

Better Hearing at a Reasonable Price

Overwhelmed by unwanted mailings about Hearing Aids?
Who pays for all the marketing expenses?
The consumer.

Hearing Aid Services & Sales doesn’t invest in mass mailings.
This allows us to forward those savings on to our clients.

The end result is Better Hearing at a Reasonable Price.

Hearing Aid Services, Inc. believes the choice to purchase a hearing instrument is a personal decision that should be met with respect for an individual’s hearing needs, comfort and budget. With over 50 years of experience in the hearing aid industry we understand that no one decides to purchase hearing aids until they have had time to appreciate the benefits that accompany the personal investment.

At Hearing Aid Services, Inc. we help you become an educated consumer.  A quick and easy free hearing evaluation will determine if you have any hearing problems. Whether we find that you have a considerable hearing loss or not, we explain your evaluation with you. We take the time to answer all of your questions regardless of how silly you think they might be. This is just the beginning of a long lasting professional and friendly customer service relationship. We’ll be happy to discuss anything from basic hearing protection to the most advanced hearing aids on the market and everything in-between.

Investigate all the tabs on our website at for more information on all our services, our staff, and the extensive brands of hearing aids that we repair and promote. We stock extensive hearing aid accessories such as batteries, domes, and wax stops. Our staff will replace most tubes and speakers while you wait. Need personalized hearing protection for employment, yard work, boating, auto-racing, or hunting? Hearing Aid Services makes impressions for custom hearing protection ear molds. Suffer with tinnitus? Call us for help.