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A wide variety of hearing aid products in various styles to fit your lifestyle.

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A family-friendly staff of licensed hearing specialists to address your hearing loss needs.

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Hearing Aid Services, Inc. is a business devoted to helping people reach their goals for better communication. This is accomplished by evaluating each individual to assess their capabilities and to help them find a solution that best meets their needs.

Family owned and operated since 1969, our staff offers a comprehensive auditory counseling program with no additional charge beyond the cost of the initial fitting.

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A Lifetime of Care

We offer an exclusive "Lifetime of Instrument in Office Service" agreement which includes semi-annual cleaning of your hearing instruments, an annual retest of your hearing, and digital adjustments to your devices anytime there is a need is also done at no additional charge under this agreement.

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Hearing Aids

A great selection of hearing aid products and accessories to suit your needs.

Hearing Tests

Using a precision clinical audiometer we test and evaluate your hearing.

Hearing Protection

Custom fitted earplugs for protection from noise, are available.

Corporate Services

Industrial Hearing tests and evaluations as as required by OSHA.

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Ready to take your hearing health into your own hands? Call our office today to schedule a visit with one on our hearing care professionals. With a variety of hearing technology available, we’ll find the right fit for you!

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